Make your horse feel like a champion with structural integration therapy

Dirt to Diamond's mobile facility serves Max & Bismarck, ND and the surrounding areas

Structural integration therapy restores the balance in your horse's body from left to right, front to back, inside and out. The sessions will affect how the horse moves, therefore, the horse will have changes in their natural balance, performance, behavior, and flexibility.

A series is applied to horses generally in five sessions. The sessions must be carried out in a consecutive manner as to ensure optimal results. The schedule is generally geared at performing session 2 a week after session 1, session 3 two weeks after session 2, session 4 two to three weeks after session 3, and session 5 three to four weeks after session 4.

The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM) recognizes structural integration therapy as a form of equine massage therapy.

What does a structural integration session look like?

What does a structural integration session look like?

This therapy is an equine adaption of a deep tissue type of massage in humans called Structural Integration or Rolfing. It was created for humans in a ten session series also known as "a ten series".

Upon arrival, Kaycee will observe your horses movement to see where they're having issues. She will then perform a standing assessment by palpating the muscles looking for tension or pain, flexing and extending joints assessment for movement restrictions. Then if the horse will benefit from treatment the session will begin. The session will look like deep massaging strokes, combined with stretching, some movement of the body and active release techniques for removing deep muscle tension. Some horses like a lot of pressure, some like minimal pressure. As the sessions go on the horse will be allowed the freedom to dictate the pressure an location of the strokes, and the amount of time for the session once it has become familiar with the work.

Pricing is as follows:

  • $50 assessment: Kaycee will visit your location and perform a thorough assessment to see where your horse's problems are, and if they are are a candidate for massage or other therapy. This assessment typically takes about an hour and includes a detailed report.
  • $75 per session after an assessment has been completed. Session times vary from 45 to 120 minutes.
  • $100 combination: Dirt to Diamonds offers a reduced rate if you schedule an assessment and session for the same day.
  • $350: A 5 session series and assessment package- only available if paid the first day of therapy.

Each session is based on what the horse needs and can handle because every day is different. Don't worry if it takes longer than average, you are paying for the session not the time. Kaycee will make sure that your horse is getting all the benefits of structural integration in these sessions.

Every session includes a detailed report including images of problem areas on your horse, recommendations, and observations.

If you are having issues with your horse call Kaycee at 701-426-0174 to schedule a horse massage session at your convenience and preferred location. Cash, check, paypal and major credit cards are all accepted.